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Writing is an art that comes from within. Enhancing of emotions endured by living beings is done through writings. Situations aren’t just the falling of images on the retinal screen. Feelings are focussed. Mind scans the vision. The brain induces a reaction mechanism whereby it senses the type of feeling imbibed. Finally, the heart interprets it, in a way that soothes our soul or tears us apart.

Writing is a special phenomenon that possesses only a reaction perspective with respect to feelings. The action part could be anything in this world. It could even be the destiny’s conspiracy to heal people through your writings and make you acknowledged for penning down touching words. Letters combine to words that further join together to form sentences that are loud to say and quiet to keep. There is no syntactical expression to pursue writing.

It is done the way your life should be, your way, yours, and only yours. A definite two-liner could be as deep as an infinite paragraph holding soul-awakening thoughts. The cons of writing account to lack of facial reaction. But I feel, words provide that warmth, that realness, which is becoming rarer these days with growing duplicity and toxicity in human nature.

Words do carry feelings, a magical quality of writing, enabling readers to relate to them. That’s why love letters are more romantic than flaunting your partner’s abilities publicly! The universe is vast, not only in its spacial arrangement but also in the uniqueness it has gifted every individual. And so, not everyone is allowed to share the same future. In other words, two individuals can have characteristics and physical similarities.

But not both of them are meant to dream the same bliss. At hard times we do think of giving up our passion, or our words, but trust your stars, the constellations will reflect glow on your personality. Writing isn’t done to overcome depression, instead is an enthralling creation that helps us learn more, confess more, feel the utmost. It’s an optimistic approach to situations that try to put you down. Feel the words. Trust the magic. Life turns shiny there!

Sowmya Srinivasan

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