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The bus

The bus

“I’ve reached the station, Mumma. See you in half an hour” I said walking towards the bus station. I kept checking the time. It was 12:03 am. Nothing except the station lights looked bright that night. After waiting for 10 minutes, the bus to Andheri arrived. Seeing the bus, I smirked, as the bus was completely deserted.

I quickly selected the window seat and took the boarding ticket from the conductor. The roads were utterly calm and the streets which were always dimly lit were completely dark. The bus halted suddenly and a middle-aged lady boarded the bus. Although the bus was completely empty, she chose to sit beside me.

I broadly smiled and adjusted myself more towards the window to make space for the lady. The conductor who was sitting in the adjacent gents row stared at me suspiciously. I wondered whether he’s drunk on duty? The lady softly said,  “Doesn’t the conductor seems a bit odd ?”  “Yes,” I said in confirmation. A few moments later the bus arrived at my stop.

I walked to the door to alight from the bus when the conductor quickly paced towards me and whispered in my ears from behind “Who were you talking to? There wasn’t anyone beside you”.                                      – Shraddha 

Shraddha Mishra

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