Life Is A Surprise.

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Life is a surprise, life can amaze you, for it can bring abrupt changes and turns, but life is just a joyful ride, for the one, who with experience learns. A dream, an ambition, it is all attainable, all you need to do, is to believe. A hope, some faith, will find its way, all you need is an eye, to perceive.

Life ain’t easy so you thought it is easy? but now you know it is all hailstones here, before the snow. For what comes just goes, seeking unknown, searching something, And one day you learn, without pain, we can have nothing. Too afraid to let go, you hold on to fading memories, Too sober to realize, melting life in a quest for basic groceries. Day after day, exploring the vibes, you all learn to grasp. Cheating with a smile, hoping for a lie, till for the last breath you gasp. You have to live and enjoy, and never greed for a lot. Playing games with a blessing, a life, you forget what you need and while you decide between heaven or hell, on earth you can only bleed.

Never lose hope in life, people come and go, like the waves on the shores, there is never a dead end, there’s always more to explore. It is more like an unfinished story where we are the writers, we make our own life, we just got to hold on to our goals tighter. So don’t ever let the flame of hope out in your life, and you will find happiness at your door, without having to strive.

Life is never certain, it always seems to change like the tide, You can never be sure that any person will not leave your side. So live life to the fullest like there is no tomorrow, but always be prepared to fight away unexpected sorrow. Never think twice before bringing a smile to somebody’s face, and your life will be filled with beautiful and happy days. A happy and contented life is what we wish, we wish a life without regrets till the very end.

Life is full of fun, life is full of present dream, It gives you a high to scream, life is full of happiness and gay, where contentment also finds a way, life is full of opportunity and test, but, on the positive pretext, live your life in a perfect way, give your best shot, come what may! Give it a shot life yearn a new desire when you want to go a little higher, life fulfills beautiful creations, though there are some frustrations, but, everything apart, life is bliss, a wonderful giving of god, this can’t be missed, life is truly a bliss!

We all are busy in life, busy with day, struggles and strive, we all are busy with hope in heart, to get that right first start, we miss out on life each day, where we could have our say, So, live each moment as new, where life would feel to be true!

Life is a mystery still you want to solve? Life is a period a thing to evolve, life is a drama where the stage is set it’s just the characters have to be prepared, life is a blessing if you take it positive its a curse if it’s negative The many shades of life which you have seen to things that are set to be, to things that you wish to see that is life for us!

Its the things that put to last the message of life is indeed so vast so many moments of happiness it has and so many moments being so sad there are things to cheer also there are things to cry on but life is such that one has to move on ‘yes’ its important to keep moving in life that is an ideal way to survive!

Cherish small things in your life you will never know before it will go away far from your life cherish the love that you get from all your loved ones around, cherish the kindness that you have this is forever surrounded, cherish the good times that you have, cherish the love in the heart, cherish the feeling of being, cherish that it’s a part of your life which you are seeing time will not always stay, cherish each and every way of this wonderful life you have!

Life is a wonderful journey you learn so much from it one moment of sadness on your face another moment your face is lit. You get many opportunities here even if you do not make a start there is so much to learn in life, there is so much to give, do not live your life in regret give whatever you wish to give, feel so blessed in your life you have so many things with you. Express gratitude for everything makes your heart forever sing,  you live one life to live it with grace. Why are you a part of an ugly race? Look at your happiness and your peace all your worries will forever cease to be happy and your heart will be happy, be happy, and have your share when things will turn more bright!

Life is short, for someone to be hated, life is short for someone to be bullied, life is too short for all the hate, life is too short for all the non-sense. We all have a story, we all have a life, we all have a starting point, we all have an ending point. This life gives us a fate to start a story and end it well.

Life is so strange nothing stays the same every time everything changes but whom can you blame?
Life is like a game where you have to love before you can gain, to win you have to face the fearful rain. In life, they always say don’t use your heart only use your brain in life there is love but the more is hate no one decides they all hesitate and who knows the fate?
Day after day, days go by people are born, and other dies. Year after year no one understands nothing is clear nothing in our hearts except fear. Today you walk & talk tomorrow you lay in your grave and nothing it gave, the money that you save and no use of your gold when it won’t be sold you have to be strong stop doing the wrong and never lie and always be ready for your last goodbye! ❣
That is what life is all about!

~Kumari Vaishnavi

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