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Liking something or someone in life is good as a natural tendency

Loving them in return is great for human continuity

There lies a thin line knitting like and addiction at the ends

An article, tangible or may not, is benignant favoring someone’s dedication

Untill the time that harmless part demands special attention

Diverting from realness to a world of hallucination,

Addiction is a piercing  thorn

Transforms a happy smiling face to one unveiling traces of perturbation

Getting into that horrible shed is as easy as a matter of infactuation

That moment showers fumes of transitory peace and utmost pleasance

But when wanting to step out of those suffocating walls

What leaves behind are fouling traces of helplessness imparting self disgrace

Journey of addiction kills bit by bit without absorbing breaths

As an abandoned patient damaged by mates of respiring and walking phantom

Days turned into black skies of died hopes

Nights no longer seems to be a place of  glittery twinkles

Starting comes in a form of offerings from pears or anyone else

But ending lays down corpse of hearts and broken dreams

One smoky inhalation is like a heavy thud on mom’s soul

Who is meant to spread her smile

A wrong step converts that pureness to sheaths of painful spells

Days pass away like a year of the decade

Shouts of anxiety haunts more than invisible scary stains

Tears roll down the cheeks of dear ones like buckets of precious water

While few stand strong to pillar the one feeling worse

A request to my fellow beings

Love everthing you want to have

Embrace what life brings as a gift of heaven

But don’t get addicted to anything harming your soul and family as the worst of all

Lesson for Everyone
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