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Tools Turned Out to be life saviour during Locked Down

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2020 apparently has brought a series of shocks with no intervals. On  22nd of March, the
nation suddenly went under the locked down state. Our generation never thought of such a time where we need to sit at home for months, without stepping out, with all our family members together.  While for the time being we really enjoyed our family bonding and leisure time we got to spend together. It was like a once in a lifetime opportunity and we were really happy about it. But on the other side with so many dependencies on house-helps and outsourced tasks it was not easy;
especially for women to suddenly take up all the chores and all the responsibilities (  job, home children, elders, and husband) overnight. I was not different.

During such crucial times, I suddenly realized the importance of a few tools, which I have bought over the years, just for my passion for using electronic gadgets in daily life.  I really felt grateful for these inventions and myself for making my life hell easier. Today, I would like to share with
you such tools which turned out to be life savior during locked down.

1.    Floor Cleaning:

      A never-ending chore, regardless of family size and age groups. A single person’s (bachelor’s) home
is usually messy. Newlywed couple’s ‘home sweet home’ is less messy than the bachelor’s
but more than a real family. Family of three or four with kids (Don’t Ask) is being constantly clean and seems to be messy after just after 15 min from cleaning. And to a lady in a house full of grandparents, only God can save her. Mumma’s Momma or Papa’s momma just cannot tolerate a single toy or a piece of paper in any corner of the house. So for anyone Cleaning is being mandatory and constant but time- energy eater job. Let us make it a bit easier.

                 Mop with Bucket & Broom with Dustpan:  (No more bending. God Save poor back !!!)

If you still don’t have it. Grab it as soon as possible. It cannot replace the cleaning one does in sitting and moving positions. But it definitely can clean a comparatively cleaner place. So it lessens your efforts. It’s handy so convenient for the newbie’s too.

Cooking  (Kitchen Assistant) :

As the kitchen has been the favorite room for everyone, since the human is civilized, mankind has invented a huge number of gadgets, for each small tasks. They all are so tempting and
irresistible. How much ever we bought the tools, our wish lists, never gets
completed.   Choosing the most two important among all of these is like choosing between your own children. Trust me, I am putting these two with a heavy heart for eliminating the others. But I
will justify, why these are my two personal favorites.

·      Food  Processor & Measuring Spoons

I have been endorsing processor since I have got it; up to an extent that my husband got annoyed and asked me if I am getting some commission to advertise it. No. I was not. But how can I not love a thing, which chops/ slices/ shreds the veggies within seconds, in whatever size, the shape I demand. How can I ignore its ability to make juices that don’t need to strain after mincing, and I can directly pour into the glasses and serve. How can I not be grateful, for his kneading services, which provides me instantly kneaded dough, in my preferred consistency! Not to forget, it can blend things like hand mixers. And its routines Mixer Jars are more powerful than the usual mixers, as it has a greater RPM (Rotation per minute) and Surgical Blades ( Do not gets rusted, In fact becomes sharp after
every use) .

Measuring Spoons : If you are a kind of person who donot like to spend hours in kitchen, still want to eat a damm tasty food, then measuring spoons is the answer. Admit it, to expertise a recipe, even of our daily food items, it takes a lot of practice, patience, and efforts. And during these experiments, proportions are the key factors.  Locked down has forced us to become master chefs and try out all the recipes of the world. And here measuring spoons are my, “knight in shining armour”.

Home Spa :

      Hushhh !!! Done so much of  Work!!! Just washed the face and looked into the mirror. And all the joy of “finally done”, vanishes. The tired face with swollen eyes, curse me to take a break. Hair tied in the knot, screams out to be free from the rubber’s jail and to get some fresh air. Eyebrows laugh at me and reminds of ‘Yakku singh aka ‘Krura Sigh’ from the serial ‘Chandrakanta ‘. (People of my generation know him). And I pity myself to be the victim of Woman in India. I start miss the
parlor badly, and in agony order my husband to pamper me. And he does. For one day, for two days, the most by far for three days. The fourth day, he shouts back and I keep shut. And that is the moment I recalled the spiritual advices written all over the Google. Take responsibility of you happiness in you hands. And here I Go !

         Steam Cap- Eyebrowtrimmer 

      The spa cap on the head, and legs in the bucket with soap leamon water; Hamm !! who need a parlor lady now. Of course , I  am loaded with beauty care products and tools. But eyebrow trimmer come out to be my favorite. Eyebrows are the essential element in aesthetics of our face.  And are mostly cannot be done on your own. Trimmer comes out to be an handy assistant, in the last hour, when you cannot rush to the parlor.  In the locked down, it
was a survivor.



Yoga mat and Elastic Resistance Bands:

Now when all the routine is set, We all really started taking care of the most important issue of our life. Health!!! And No more joke here in this paragraph. A yoga mat, and a resistance band helps out.
Mat makes the yoga more comfortable. However its not at all mandatory, as Yoga itself makes you so much peaceful that you can adjust with anything in life.

Resistance band makes it easy to do particular exercises and saves a lot of energy that was put unnecessarily for attempting the moves. It gives the equivalent results. It’s not for the heavy exercises and doesn’t replace the GYM equipment’s. But it’s a savior for people like me who are lazy to do exercises.

4.   Work and Entertainment

Back rest support JBL speaker  :

 Continuously working sitting on the chair can tear off your spine. It’s great to get an office chair at home. But till then Back rest support can really save your back. 

My sweet little munchkin speaker, has been keeping me entertained all these months of locked down. I take it all over the home connected to my phone or laptop, and listen to the music, web series, movies or the soap operas, I keep the display device at a safe place and turn on the speak and watch stuff, like anytime , even while washing the dishes.

Now whoever has judged me from my Facebook statuses  for finishing entertainment stuff one after another, should know this secret and  must  admit that I am  full of tasks in my hands and not harassing my son and husband by getting chores done. They have their own jobs and of course we all help each other.

I hope you all had related and enjoyed this article. Do us know what is your ‘Vichar’ on the most important thing in your life during this locked down.

Sucheta Asrani

The story of an untrammeled damsel


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