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“I won’t see you soon ! ” said Pia, staring at her laptop screen.

“Why? An hour ago you were reluctant to spend a min away from me,” exclaimed Parth walking towards Pia with two cups of tea in his hands.

She hesitated to look at Parth.

“Here, take your tea.”

Gasping for air, she leaned forward to take the cup in her trembling hands. “Are you okay?” questioned Parth, relaxing his hands on her shoulders.

Pia startled and the cup fell from her trembling hands.

The sudden change in Pia’s behavior got him worried.

He caressed Pia and lay her on the sofa. Her body was ice cold.

Parth sat beside her, holding her pale hands. He talked about all the sweet memories of the week. Nothing aided her cold body and freezed eyes.

Slowly he carried Pia in his arms and took her to bed to tuck her in. He dimmed the lights and came out of the room. Worried about Pia’s health, He took out his phone and dialled to Dr. Liam.

As he was talking to Dr. Liam, from across the hall he saw Pia’s laptop screen, the daily news page was wide open, displaying the unspeakable pain to Pia’s mind.

Shook to his bones, he hung up the call and ran to Pia’s room.

Drenched in the pattering rains , she stood on the balcony rim. A moment away from death or life.

Seeing her standing on rim, Parth felt his heart throbbing out of his chest.

He calmed himself by the very words of Pia that inspired millions of her patients.

“Deep breath, and do what’s needed , even if doesn’t seems possible in the moment.” echoed in Parth’s mind.

It took a moment for him to get a hold of himself. Standing on the edge, gazing at the raining sky, it appeared as if she was in middle of a conversation with the thundering sky and the pouring rains.

Slowly, Parth tip toed to the balcony. Without letting his presence known, stood exactly diagonal to her. He sighed a deep breath. On the count of three, And in the blink of an eye, he grabbed her hands and pulled her down. Hugging her tightly to his chest, he broke down into tears.The cold Pia, moaned, her voice echoing more than the thundering sky.

She cried, and cried until she fall asleep in Parth’s arms. Holding her in his arms, he felt helpless. The inspiring  pysciatrist Dr. Pia Roy lying helpless in pain. A pain which can’t be felt or cured by any living soul and due to the pitiable law system, that failed to get justice for her.

7 years of torment,from surving the gang- rape physically to fighting her case until the last minute of today’s evening, she made others believe she won’t let anyone get away with the henious crime.Although,  she broke mentally, every moment in her path to justice, the nightmares of those dark nights haunted her even today but she vowed to fight until end . But to what end??? An end that set those devils free !!!!

Parth hugged Pia and cried until the he heard the birds chirping around. It was dawn.

He carried Pia to the bed. Drying her hair and changing her clothes, her tucked her in. This time he lay beside her, caressing and holding her as if a slight loosening in his grip might take her away from him.

He kept wondering, as cheerful as a daisy Pai , always  laughing and making others laugh ,full of life Pia , went into a mental arrest just by coming across an article of her rapists getting away, what kind of justice is he seeking here?

Is sending the devil in disguise behind the bars enough for someone’s mental and physical suffering??

Can the damage done on the victims mind and soul be ever perfected again??

The curse of never feeling safe put upon Pia can ever be lifted by just sending them behind the bars ??

“All questions and no answers ..” murmured Parth gazing at the chirping sparrow in the balcony .

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