Respect women

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If a girl tries to do new things

Then she is proved wrong….

If a boy does the same thing

Then he should live long…

Why the word *patriarchy*

is given heck of importance …

Why the word *equality*

is not making people sense…

If she is passing by

don’t stare in a row…

She just feel secure

by calling you her bro…

Just let her free

and watch her grow…

If u r doing that

then plz take a bow..

Don’t judge her because

Of short dresses or gown…

It’s none of ur business

If her skin tone is brown…

Don’t let her down

She is not your clown…

She is just a queen

Who has lost her crown…

Respecting a girl doesn’t make u fool

Just using a girl won’t make you cool…

Don’t use a girl she is not your tool

*Respecting girl* is a topic of school…

Men & womens are equal and same

Girls equality is not a game of blame…

If you think this topic is just a lame

Thn chnge ur mind & have some shame…

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