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If he hadn’t bottled it up

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The fluctuating waves of the sea appeared to be constantly ringing the bell of loss and regret in his ears. Hopelessness and despair were making the mean attempt of shredding each ounce of his body from inside. All he wanted to do was to be one with the sea. That sea which always wanted to embrace its visitors for eternity.

But his mind was the most disobedient to his call of consolidation with the sea.

As soon as the sea managed to calm its rage, he rose to his feet, mustered up the courage and started to move.

Knock, Knock!

(Housemaid opened the door)

Vijay said to the housemaid, “You may leave now.”

” I lulled her to sleep after she has had her dinner”,  Housemaid. 

Bolting the door from inside, Vijay started heading to her room with tiptoes. 

Peeping from the ajar door, he found Amaira sleeping. He turned off the lights and his thoughts wafted away to his past. 

The one scene from his memory box resurfaced when forty-five years back, all she wanted was just his support. 

 ” Vijay, I don’t know how you would react but would you mind me attending the Kathak class, I assure you to get back on time and not to compromise over you”, Gita said with hesitation.

Pointing to the kitchen Vijay said fiercely,” This is where you belong and you better not let such a  wild idea cross your mind again”. 

Gita could not keep back her tears but what she gave up on, was her dream.


Two years later, a baby girl was born to Geeta and Vijay. 

Geeta was elated to have been blessed by a baby girl but Vijay showed no signs of pleasure. In spite of merry-making, an aura of anguish and remorse prevailed in the house.


Time flew and now Vijay wanted to get his daughter married. But Asha had given her heart to something beyond the world. She wanted to study Astronomy, her curiosity to explore the universe was applaudable. 

But once again, Vijay throttled the dream. This time, the dream of her daughter. Meanwhile, Geeta was counting her days. She suffered from a very unusual type of cancer. Lo & Behold! Geeta left for her heavenly abode. 

On the other side, Asha never found herself so desperate and miserable when her husband started hurling abuses on her. He always said that she was worthless for her and he could have got a better wife if she hadn’t married him. 

Asha’s husband abandoned both her and their little daughter Amaira. Having not been able to bear the divorce, Asha passed away. 

Now it was just  Vijay and four-year-old  Amaira. 

A mellifluous voice crept into Vijay’s ears, he could not make out who it was until Amaira turned the lights on. 

Cherub Amaira could barely speak anything when Vijay hugged her tightly enough as if compensating for his mistakes. 

And with that, Vijay pledged not to bottle HER dreams up anymore. 

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