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Life does not give you the freedom to start your life at any vintage point and go immensely back and forward, to relive the unforgettable moments.

But the story gives you this freedom of reliving those moments again and again, and that too in any direction.

It was November 14, 2016, 11:19 pm, I can actually remember the date as it was “Children’s day”, I received a message, which was actually a query “Anyone there?”.

‘Yes, Rohan this side’ I replied.
‘You write so well, keep writing’ She said.
‘thank you for appreciating my work’ I replied.

“May I know your basic info? Like where are you from, your age and what do you do apart from writing?”

‘I am from Delhi, 21 years old, and apart from writing I am a final year computer science engineering student.’ I replied.

Sharing personal info was never one-sided when you tell something about you to someone, then you will expect him/her to share their info with you too.

Following the normal human tendency, I asked her the same question.

‘What about you?’

“Will it be safe to safe to share my personal info with you?” She replied.

This was the first time, or I can say she was the first one to ask this unexpected question.

I mean, usually, they do not think that even he is a writer and even if he is followed by a considerable amount of followers but at the end of the day he is a man, so he can be a threat to their privacy.

Well, the point was how can I convince her, that it is safe to share her info with me.

It took me a couple of minutes to reply her, and all I could say was” Feel safe to, and it is up to you whether you want to share your info or not, either case it will be okay for me”

“This is Mahi, I am from Bangalore, and like you, I am also a computer science final year engineering student.” She replied.

“Done with placement?” She asked. “What about placement?” I asked her.

We asked the same question at the same time, great coincidence you can say.

“Yes, I am placed at XYZ company as a ‘Network Server Administrator’ ” I replied.
“I am too placed at ABC company as a ‘Developing Software Engineer’,” Mahi replied.
“Congrats.” this word was just another coincidence.

“I guess, now we had ample conversation, by which you can decide, whether it’s safe to converse with me or not. ” I replied.
“Why this sudden thought in the middle of the conversation?” Mahi asked.
“Just your words regarding safety flashed across my mind. So, what do you think now?” I asked.
“I am sorry, don’t get me wrong, actually I have never talked to any stranger yet and never I will. You were the first to whom I texted. So just asked you whether it’s safe or not. ” Mahi replied.

After a few minutes of conversation “You must be talking and talked with so many fans like me?”She asked.

“I just respond to there queries and sometimes acknowledge their appreciation” I replied.

And the moment I said this, I know I was trapped and I was expecting a question from her.

“Then why you are conversing with me? Mahi asked. and this was the expected question.

“I am conversing with you bcoz of two reasons. The first reason is your statement”Will it be safe to share my personal info with you? You are the first person to ask this question which proves you do not go with the flow. And the second reason is that we are in the same branch as well as the same year of engineering.” I replied.”

Nice to hear such deep words with deep observation. Or I can say #Writers_Mind.” Mahi replied.

“Hey, I was not doubting you, don’t take me in the wrong way,” Mahi replied.

“Why are you conversing with me?” After a normal conversation of 15 minutes…I asked her.

“How beautifully strange it is, two different people from two different states, with different opinions, with different points of view, with some similarities…continuously conversing with such calmness, maybe because of this strange fact I am conversing with you, that too very comfortably.

Interrupting her, I asked her, ” Aren’t you afraid of dark circles?”

“Why this question ?” Mahi asked me

“It’s around 2:30 am and you are still awake, being a girl you must be afraid of dark circles, aren’t you?” I asked her.

“I haven’t slept for the last 95 days”

“Oh! I wasn’t supposed to tell you about it, I am sorry, I just got carried away. I guess you should sleep now” Mahi replied

“And why so? ” I asked her

“I am suffering from insomnia, I can’t sleep” Mahi replied.

“And what’s the reason behind your insomnia? ” I asked her

“I have already told you many things about me and I don’t want our first chat to go like this in which I am only discussing my problems. with you. No its’s not going to happen, let it be. And I am the one who is suffering from “insomnia”, not you. So, I guess you should sleep now 😀 😀 :D”  Mahi replied.

As a stranger, I couldn’t force her to tell me her problems…

“Actually, it’s my birthday today”, I replied.

“A very happy birthday to you Rohan! God bless you !!!” Mahi wished me.

“Thank you Mahi” I replied.

“Enjoy the day Rohan, have a great day full of surprises”

“It’s your birthday and you are wasting your precious time here,” Mahi added.

“Well, I want a gift from you,” I replied.

“Ahem, ahem gift, what do you want? Tell me if I can afford it” Mahi replied.

Trust me, it’s affordable”, I replied

“If it’s affordable I will gift it to you for sure”, Mahi replied.

“Promise?” I asked her.

“Yes, promise”, She replied.

“Okay, I want you to forget insomnia and sleep for the next 21 days” I replied.

“Hey this is not fair”, Mahi replied

“but it’s affordable  ” I replied.

I know it wasn`t easy for her, but she agreed.

“Okay!! for the first time I will try my best to fulfill the strange wish of a stranger ” Mahi replied.

“Okay!! So your time starts now, go and sleep ” I replied.

And with a ” good night and happy birthday once again” message followed by “thanks once again” reply, comes the end of the first conversation between me and Mahi.

And after 21 days …..

“Why did you ask me to sleep for “21” days?
Why not 20 or 23 or any other number of days, tell me, Rohan.” Mahi asked.

“Research shows that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. When starting or breaking any habit we tend to tell our conscious mind that we are going to change, and it`s for our life.

“If you tell your mind that you want to try something for 21 days, trust me it won`t be so unwilling to co-operate. This might sound a little strange but trust me it works.” I replied.

“Yes, it worked. Thank you. If you don`t mind Can I ask you a question?” Mahi replied.

“Sure,” I replied.

“Why this much sympathy for a Stranger ?” Mahi asked.

“Insomnia is a bitch that bites very badly and struggling with insomnia was never that easy, that`s why I tried to take you out of it,” I replied.

“How can you be so sure about insomnia ?” Mahi asked me.

“To be honest, I am suffering from insomnia for the last 2 years, and I am pretty sure that you are going to ask “What about that 21-day fact that you told me? “.Well, I tried it too but it didn`t work for me ” I replied.

“Ohh strange ” Mahi replied.

Well, there is one more thing.

November 15 is not my birth date. I lied that night, and thanks for the lovely gift.

A Beautiful Mess
Stranger Much


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