Vision- Short Story

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She was lost in enjoying the beauty of the city. This city becomes heaven at night. Sudde5nly a break broke through her imaginations, and she came back to the window seat of the city bus.
She peeped out of the window and in a while saw herself standing there.
Around one year ago, she was at the same bus stop wearing shabby clothes , shoes , with a heavy bag on shoulder, hair tied up with a clip , few were falling on her cheeks . Tears were about to come out. She was very upset that day. Helpless!!! Was swinging between guilt and anger. She wanted to roar with her full strength; to burst out to the universe.

On the window seat she shivered. With a heavy heart she put her head on the shoulder of her beloved, who was sitting next to her. He is the only person on the earth who understands what she says; however she is never clear what she want to say.

“After long time I m passing this bus stop, do u remember I was standing here after that pathetic meeting. I don’t want to come ever through this route again. We shall catch other bus next time. “She said to him.

Meanwhile bus started. He looked in her eyes for a moment, and then suddenly ran away towards the front exit gate of the bus. She followed him immediately. She was confused, and got irritated but kept silence.

On the next bus stop, which was fortunately nearer to previous one, they got down and walked back quietly. As they reached, he turned around, held her with one hand on her waist, pull her closer, took her hand in his other hand, started singing and dancing looking in to her eyes. She blushed.

Both started laughing when he ended the song putting his own words making no sense. One after other they trashed many songs. After 20 minutes of fun and 5 minutes of romance, he came close to her, took her face in his both hands and started looking in to her eyes.

Though she was not getting the meaning of that silence, but loved that. Her emotions poured out in the form of tears. He let them flow.

“Whenever time will bind you to hate any place, any day, I will make you free to love it.” They shared silence till the next bus came. She was again at the window seat.

She looked at the bus stop from inside the bus. There she could visualize, self of her from the last year, was standing there, and smiling and looking at the self’s of both of them, who were dancing around her.

There exists her dreamy fairytale world, within this real world ,in which she is the queen. “I will pass by this every time possible.” She thought. And while thinking, she turned her head while peeping out, from the window , to look at the bust stop, till the last sight she could see. Then, she put her head on her beloved’s shoulder that was sitting next to her and closed her eyes.

Sucheta Asrani

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