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Raindrops fall on earth,

Beautiful hopes take birth,

Rain is a gift given by clouds,

Positivity and optimism singing aloud,

These clouds when combine with sunlight,

A charming rainbow makes my heart skip a beat,

Seven colours convey seven different messages,

The mesmerizing view steals away my tragedies,

Violet is the colour of creation,

It showers of strengthening every relation,

This colour connects us to the spiritual values,

Embracing and enhancing the sky’s view,

Indigo colour conveys wisdom and integrity,

It is a symbol of tradition I totally agree,

This colour is pure just as a mother’s love,

How lovely it look embedded in a curve,

Blue colour is a symbol of stability,

As calm as  the sky and the sea,

This colour is the reflection of loyalty and heaven,

It removes every thought of separation,

Green is the colour of safety and nature,

It symbolizes harmony and expenditure,

Green is the colour of an emotional mind,

It gives tranquility and is divine,

Yellow is the colour of enlightenment,

That favours all the people stay united,

The most luminous colour I feel,

Rainbow is magnificent because of this,

Orange the combination of red and yellow,

It makes me filled with joy never let me feel low,

It reflects the sign of fascination,

The most vibrant colour fills me with enthusiasm,

The colour which is leader of all,

Red colour picks me up whenever I am about to fall,

The colour of love and affection,

Red colour symbolizes immense pleasure,

How can one not be mesmerized by this beauty,

The vibrant rainbow looks like ice cream tootie fruity,

I want to taste this cluster of colours,

Wanna get lost in this miracle of nature,

One should learn to glow like a rainbow,

One should understand when two souls combine they can make the whole world glow,

Rainbow teaches us the power of love,

The delightful creation of god makes me blow

अजीब प्रेम


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