The Joy of a writer

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A Diary and a pen,

I am back to write Again.
Can see my “A”‘s losing symmetry,
Can see my “F” ‘s lost shine.
Can feel my wrist is aching,
While writing just the sixth line.
Running Around in search of goals,
Focusing on the ultimate aim,
and if something remains in me,
pouring it to the responsibility’s flame.
Sometimes comes out of the ghost inside me
and roar aloud to the world with full strength,
And I sit and write something,
But still it’s not the paper and pen.
It is a device which acts quick,
It is smart and easy too.
But does not give that affection
And connects to me quite a few,
the smell of  the fresh paper, and Ink
The grip of the pen in between the fingers,
Throwing the paper  when the words don’t rhyme,
And all the expressions start to sink.
The sudden emotion, and the thrill of capturing,
The adventure to link and the joy of finishing.
Putting Signature at the end of the paper,
Making   little thick, the last two dots
Gives the feel of achieving a trophy.
And the gaining,  and growing a lot.
Summer is  at its peak,
and  the next to come is the Rain,
And here I am back with my,
Diary and the Pen !!!!

Sucheta Asrani

Vidya- Bold, Beautiful and Being.
Long walk


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