From the day we met..

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From the day we met…… we did everything together, from going to school till coming back and even after that.
But the story of this evergreen friendship was a bit crazy. And let me narrate that to you today.
It was the first day of my 6th STD and I was new to the school. When I entered the class, I found every usual classy the gossip queens and the bookworms, but for a change, I saw a bunch of students (especially girls) gathered near the backbench. My curiosity led my footsteps that I kept the bag on the first bench and went to see what was happening..

As I approached near, I could hear guitar strings been pulled so well that it felt as if vibes were flowing from heaven’s brink…
I saw a boy playing guitar and singing amusing his so-called Fanclub. And suddenly he stopped playing!
“I won’t play guitar in front of such girls!”

Saying this he went off to his place. I was numb for a second because I didn’t get hold of the whole situation. And also that nobody has even behaved so rudely to me in my entire life. So the next moment, my face was red (with anger or shame?! I don’t know), yet I still managed to keep my composure as to keep up my reputation on the first day and went back to where I kept my bag.
But during recess.,he came up to me,
“It wasn’t you about whom I was speaking off was the girl who came just behind you. She’s a sort of chipku who always flirts with me whenever she sees me.”

“Oh really! You shouldn’t talk to anybody like that even if she’s rude. By the way, how did you come to know that I have misunderstood you?!”
“You know what,? I came to notice your eyes. They convey everything…Well my name is Gaurav and nice to meet you”
“Nandana!” And I  just smiled back.
After the classes, in the afternoon, I had to cross the highway, of which I am really scared while walking back home, I heard someone calling my name from the back. I turned back only to find Gaurav stand behind me waving at me. I waved back.

“Hey! Your home is after the highway Huh? Even mine is that way. Let’s go together then.”
“Uhh…okay. I don’t mind..!”
He held my hand while crossing the highway as if he understood the fear of crossing roads in my eyes.
Soon we discovered that we were neighbors…and since then we started going to school together.
And that day wasn’t far when we became the thickest of friends…
It was my birthday..though I never spoke to anyone about my bday….my mind echoed his name and made my heart want him to wish…
This was quite impossible coz I have never told him the date…
To my surprise, as I entered the class, everybody came and wished me a happy birthday and handed me little gifts. But for an unwanted twist, he didn’t.
I knew it wasn’t his fault but awkward anger started building up in me that I didn’t talk to him the whole day.
While returning home after classes too, he called me from behind but I didn’t turn back.
I didn’t even take a look at him..he came running to walk beside.

“Why didn’t you wait for me today..?”
“Don’t you really know what’s today’s specialty?”
“It’s your birthday right?! I know it already”
“Then why the hell didn’t you wish me?!”
“I was preparing a gift for you.”
“Is the preparation over?”
“No.2 minutes more.”
“Fine!!” I said devastated.
After 2 minutes, I felt his hands in mine,
“I love you. And happy birthday”
“What!? This isn’t the time for kidding golu!”
“I am not kidding. I mean what I said “

These words made so many thoughts flood into my mind..the most handsome and the all-rounder guy of our class and probably the school ends up proposing me!??  Suddenly his words broke into my thoughts.
“You need not give me a reply..whenever I come to see that love in your eyes for me I will take that as a reply. I told you I can understand the language of your eyes.”
I didn’t utter a word…the rest of our walk was silent. That silence wasn’t because I didn’t like him..I did …I did love him too..but the ever-arising thoughts of the society, our age, our families, friends made me shut my mouth. I didn’t let him take a glance as I feared that he would understand my eyes.

From that day, I never waited for him to come. But he was always ready by the time I came out so that he could tag along. But not even a single word interrupted the unbreakable silence between us.
It was the time when the movie, “Ek Villian ” was a hit… Everywhere the songs of the movie were played. I loved the song humdard the most among all and I really have no idea how he understood that. Every time we have an instrument hour, he sang my favorite lines in the song …
There was a friend of mine who knew about us, Rhea.

“Look !! Golu is looking at you.!!”
“Only I am allowed to call him golu!!*
And then I realized that my favorite lines made him look at me.
And one day, I decided to bury all my fears and the day came when I decided to let him read my eyes filled with love for him. I decided to surprise him. So I came a bit early to the school and waited for his arrival after keeping my bag in the classroom. I waited for him near the highway.

I could see him coming, and I started getting nervous….he saw me from there and started running towards me …I again don’t know why…and
A speeding car hit him and passed by without stopping.
The next scene in front of my eyes was him lying down with blood all over …I was totally blank for a minute not getting hold of the situation. People gathered and started calling an ambulance. The students from our school also came out. Rhea came running to me a shook was then when I came back to senses and went running up to him..
He caught hold of my hand and smiled, and I don’t know if it was real, I felt him singing those favorite lines of humdard,

“Loutunga yahaan tere paas main haa,
Vaada hai Mera mar BHI jaaun kahin..”
Which meant,
“I would definitely come back to you, I promise even if I die somewhere “

I saw him closing his eyes slowly ..Tears rolled from my eyes to his cheeks. I couldn’t hold him back. I started crying bitterly. Everyone thought us to be cousins as we came together every day. The ambulance was said to be stuck up somewhere and fate separated us for the first and last time after we met..and the evergreen friendship became a token of remembrance.

It’s been 10 years, where I spend each day thinking what if I hadn’t gone earlier that day, what if he never understood the language of my eyes …he would have never come running to me  …maybe he saw the love in my eyes he craved for ….and maybe that’s the reason he came running …..Again, all I am left with is uncertainty….and a meaningless answer, “I don’t know…”
All I could do was to make those parents happy who lost their only son… I stood to them as their own daughter.I could never replace Golu but I gave them a little relief from the grief…

After that, every year, on his bday, they call me and wish me …
And today it was is his bday and they called me in the morning. ….
This story could have been the greatest tribute I could have ever given to you, Golu … So this one is for you Gaurav,
From your first ….and last love…

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