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I can hear footsteps approaching my room. I know it’s you. It’s been a year now you have been lurking into my room like a ghost every night. The touch that’s benevolent in the day stings in the night.

You walk in carefully like a dark shadow, a falcon ready to hunt its prey.

I close my eyes hoping this time you would go away. Please turn back,I say.

But you don’t move, you stay.

My heart is pacing and my skin is on fire. I want the bed to swallow me whole. I wish the blanket could cover me some more.

You throw my blanket away and your hands linger on my skin. You breath reeks of alcohol.

I shut my eyes a little tighter. I scream but I have no voice now. You slap me when you are done as if invading my body was just not enough.

This time my eyes don’t well up with tears. I can feel a rush of rage. Every part of my body turns pale.

I turn and grab the knife from underneath my pillow.

I stab you. Once. Twice. Again. And again until I can’t anymore.

I slap you when I am done because stabbing you was just not enough.

I sit beside your body. Cold and naked.

But this time your eyes don’t dangle daggers on me.

I lie beside you soaked in your blood. Entrapped in your cage I lay still and don’t move anymore.

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