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Compassion and Empathy

Compassion and Empathy

Nowadays, Social media is flooded with the posts of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death where many of his so-called well-wishers from the film industry are showing concern. They are talking about his mental health and the depression he was going through… Saying he should have spoken to them…and have shared his problems with them and so on.

But I want to know one thing from these people and many other people like them …where were they when he was alive? Were they available for him when he needed someone to hear him? Did they have time to talk with him?

People, please introspect and ask yourselves if you have that instinct to feel the pain of others hidden behind their smiles. Do we have that ‘kind’ and ’empathetic’ heart which feels the pain of others…can we speak with them without judging them?

I wasn’t a fan of Sushant… truly speaking I am not a fan of anyone. I like all those people who have a good heart, I like them for their goodness, their kindness, and their talent.

But I was really shocked and surprised at his untimely demise…he was a talented young man…, when I am reading all about him, his personality, his qualifications, his hobbies, his thoughts, etc on social media after his death, the thought.. that he needed, maybe… only ONE  person who could hear him out without judging him, is troubling me. Can ‘YOU’ be…can ‘I’ be that ONE person in someone’s life?

All this makes me even sadder…why such simple, good-hearted, and talented young people find themselves on the verge of ending their lives??? Why??

We need to think about it !!!

We have to think about the well-being of our dear ones, give them our time, spend time with them, share their sorrows and give our shoulders to lean on when they are with us ..ALIVE!

Please be compassionate and empathetic!!

Urmila Yadav

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