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Out of all the human emotions, live is the only emotion which is beyond any relationship, thoughts and beliefs. But the people have lost hope on love due to the personal problems like…


Live never changes at any point of time. Well the fact is we all want someone special in life with whome we can share our personal thoughts and feelings. For a moment everything seems to be magical then after a period of time you want to get over it… That’s not love… It’s only a lusty or attraction.

We all have our parents whome we love. Did we feel any point of time that the love war fading away… NEVER

SO… Love is to live, of never changes on any condition and any situation.


Every bond has its own tests… LOVE is also a bond and is generally gets harder to walk on the path of purity.

LOVE bina two different people into ONE. To get the essence of purity, one should go on a harder way to get it.


When person is attracted to someone, he/she make promises of staying and then once the attraction/infatuation fades away, they walk off. This generally happens to the teens. Giving these kinda attraction the name of love is a great dishonour to it.


We are the ones who choose the person to be bonded with. So the future ahead is depends upon the decision which we are taking in the present. TRUST is a short word with great meaning into it. We all belive and trust the person whome We know from a larger period of time. We all forget one thing that we should not just give away or trust to anyone. Only the ones whome you feel worthy should be trusted.

Falling in love with the wrong person and changing your perspective towards love won’t change the truth. Giving the temporary attraction the name of inevitable love shows the heights of maturity. One should be knowledgeable and wise enough when it comes to choose the life partner.


Love is the only bond in this mortal world which keeps us connected to our loved ones even after we reach the eternity(death). Love is never about survival, it’s all about living it wholeheartedly.

Every being which lives loves freedom…So, they person you love should be leafy free… Trying to control someone never defines-LOVE.

LOVE is never about fightings, misbelief and anger. It always shows up naturally and lasts forever.

LOVE can also be related to BHAKTI; being devoted to lord is BHAKTI and being devoted to your loved ones is LOVE. Both of this evolve by the bond of trust and belief.

So… To understand love one must think SELFLESSLY.

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