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Why don't I  miss being a mom of a Girl !!!

Why don’t I miss being a mom of a Girl !!!

(Mother of a boy, who don’t miss a girl )

Girl V/s Boy Parenting.

I am a very colorful person. Means I love enjoying, and  experimenting about each day of life. And that makes me a “Fancier”. 

Of course I was  on the top of the world when my son was born. But then I wondered, how would I enjoy dressing the child  up for different occasions and do delicate things? Raising a son was very new to me. As I had lived a “Girl’s Childhood” . I had no clue what was coming up. 

Still I was very obsessed with my son.. Of course every mother does. And enjoyed each day with him. Many times, I felt like, “ ohh I wish I had a girl, I would have done this or that”…. But the feelings  slowly vanished into the thin air, as I understood, there are a lot of things we could do regardless of gender. Let us explore one by one:

  1. Clothes : When we talk about clothes we always have in mind that the girls have more choices than the boys.  and that is true also.  but it’s not like that we need to get bored while dressing up our boys. Today we have a lot of options available in the market. I have arranged special outfits for Navratri,  Janmashtami, diwali, Christmas and his birthday which gives me the joy of watching him in them. Other than  these specific costumes I also used to mix and match his dresses. Like, different t-shirts and shorts from the different dress sets . He is 5 years right now and chooses his dresses on his own.  But for the past four years I have enjoyed thoroughly dressing him up  as per my choice. Of course I will keep missing the beautiful pink and red fairy  frocks.  But those I  can always get for my nieces and satisfy myself.
  1.  Mummas boy and Papa’s girl:  This statement is so true boys of course love their father but are clinging to the mother always. Andhere I thoroughly enjoy my son preferring me  over my husband. Hahaha.  My husband  always misses a daughter.  But now after 5 years father and son’s  bonding is getting intense but still the duo treats me like a Queen.
  1. They say, girls are very sensitive and they  keep expressing their love at each moment. Here I have a different experience. My son is super expressive. Just as me and my husband. And I never found any difference between him  and girls of his age, in terms of expressing or emoting selfless love. 
  1. Fights.  This is the scary part of being of boy’s mother.we girls in childhood never hit each other physically and this boys  always use their legs and hands before their mouth. I simply do not know what to tell  at those moments. I used to just give him tight slaps and taught him not to hit anyone but to speak with his mouth at first.  So far so good he has turned out to be a disciplined child.  But when needed,  he can hit two or three opponents at the same time.  My ‘Lakadi pahalvan’ has enormous strength in his arms and superb command on his body.  He has excellent Motor skills after all.
  1.  Study:  It is the universal truth that the girls study more sincerely than the boys. Here  once again on each day in his nursery class , I wished I had a girl.  He simply refused to study. I was always good at teaching the small kids. No other kid had ever avoided me.  I  never imagined teaching my own son will drain me out. I had no other option but to scold him brutally and made him do his homework. The pattern continues. Once in a while, I give him  a dose of  and then he quickly completes all the due assignments. 

So the conclusion is ofcourse  we can enjoy different parenting with girls and boys. But if one is not lucky enough to enjoy both. We should tell ourselves that, What is there in front of us is already a lot than what we miss. 

 Suchet Asrani

Sucheta Asrani

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