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Tips to highlight your resume among the heap.

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(Resume Writing Tips)

 Resume or CV is the first impression of the candidate in every company. Whenever anyone wants to apply for a job, they try to make their CV look  the best possible. We all want to make it such that it can grab the employers’ attention.  Here are few tips which can bring your CV in the attention and raise the chances up to very high for an  interview call 

Carefully draft the formatting :

The formatting must be consistent and clear. Font should be conventional, like. Times New Roman or Arial. Text  size should be  9 to 12. Use headings and bullet lists. Always keep your resume to .pdf format for consistent formatting. There should be enough space between paragraphs. Margins shouldnt be  too narrow. 

Language Errors:  Never use SMS language, or abbreviations. Double check for spelling and grammatical errors. Do Not only rely on software tools for spelling and grammar review, So always thoroughly check or get a check from a  proof-reading person. 

Structure: Make use of headings and bullet lists.  Put the Segments in the order, where your strengths appear first, like if you8 are experienced and worked on some prestigious projects, tell that first. If you are freshers, put the education or any other academic achievement you have received during the studies in the top most segment.

Personal details: Put some of these details in the header and full details again in the last segment of the resume. Put the following details in this segment. First and last name, residential address permanent and temporary, mobile phone, e-mail address, nationality, passport details, marital status, family details (staying with you) . If you are applying for overseas jobs, you may need to include international codes also.


  For each degree or school detail, include the full and correct qualification title. Include majors, minors and dates of completion or expected completion. Do not use abbreviations of institution names. Instead write full names and cities.  The qualifications should preferably be presented in the most recent listed first order.  


All  awards/ scholarships or any other achievements can be put here. Freshers should include their all award’s history. Experienced applicants should not include any school awards, other than if there are any prestigious ones. Like state level achievements or of that category. The achievements do not have to be academic. They can be of any area such as sport, music, or social work.

Professional Experience:

In this segment, you can include all your professional experience. Put

All the companies you have worked on in reverse chronological order. 

Divide your employment section into: Professional Experience  and Other Experience ( if you have any). Other Experience can include, any part-time, or induction program you have attended. It is not compulsory to include all your past jobs; the test is to determine whether those other jobs demonstrate any of the employability skills that have been sought by the employer.


Under this heading  include both technical skills (also called job specific skills) and employability skills (also called transferable or general skills). Relevant skills should be highlighted.Technical skill could include: research skills gained through academic programs; management skills gained through supervisory positions and so on.

Use these points to make your resume look better and get attention among the heep.

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