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Things we did in the lockdown.

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(Lockdown Diaries )

We got stuck, we got bored, we got devastated. I don’t think, other than us, any people  have been able to make their lockdown look so colourful we Indians are born Optimistic people. proud to be an Indian.

  let us revise what we have done during this year

  1. Cooking :

 Yes we all, and  I repeat everyone has tried so many new dishes in the kitchen  during the  first three Lock downs than in our whole life. Kachories, samosa,  cakes, coffee’s, pattis rolls, new vegs, biryanis, desserts, smoothies, pizzas, pani puri and whatnot……

I salute to all indian  women and some men (who helped and participate)

  1. Connecting to age old friends :

 Thanks to the technology, even in this caged life, we could connect to all those friends with whom we have not spoken over years. All those zoom calls, video calls, meetings, birthday celebrations and gatherings were so superb and heart touching. Even when we were overloaded with the extra work, still we took time out and got connected to all lovely people bonded to us.

  1. Working from home

Other than a few people, this concept was alien to most of the Indians.But as we are very easy in adopting new things, we cracked this. For everybody working from home, there appeared to be some initial struggle. It didn’t take much time for any offers to cope up with this new working culture. Our productivity didn’t reduce, neither in the office work nor in the housework.  In fact we perfectly managed to balance everything together.

  1. Webinars

Even after our work workload has increased and we have no time left. Still we have managed to utilise the very little time we got  for ourselves, in learning and upgrading. Webinars was the hit show of the lock down.  All trainers from every field came up with their knowledge. They first learn how to take webinars and then the rest of us take advantage of those and learn a lot of new skills. 

  1. Dressing up and making videos and Pictures :

              All those lovely facebook challenges, and relay videos brought out  the artists within us. I was so overwhelmed to watch every lady coming up in front of the camera and spreading  the beauty shine in such dark times.

  1. Artists:

We sang songs on karaoke apps, we made beautiful paintings, sculptures, crafts,  DIYs, kids craft and what not. Our homes are now full of the artwork we made out of love. This positive energy has definitely contributed to keeping our calm.   

7 Terrace fun.

In the small towns, people were seen enjoying the fresh air on the traces. After ages,    Terraces were agin full of people talking to each other, kids playing games, ladies gossiping and men discussing world affairs (which was restricted to the pandemic at that point of time.) 

8. Helping Hands

This lock down has proved that humanity is still existing, Everyone has  extended thor hands to help people up to their maximum limits . Ladies were cooking and  providing meals to the NGOs to distribute.  People contributed money to help the needy. Neighbours kept the vegetable parcels, outside the homes of the people who came back from the home towns after the hectic and stressed travel. Social distancing brought the humans together.

The world has proved that humankind deserves to survive. We are so proud to bring the best out of us during this time.. What have you all done? Keep in the comments, if i have missed anything.  

Sucheta Asrani

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