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I have a passion for writing since childhood. I found writing gives me instant freedom to express my self. As a writer,  I always found it awkward to  take up birthday / anniversary wishes from any other source. I always felt guilty, if I do so, because, I feel, if I am blessed with some art, it’s my responsibility to make everyone around me feel special with creating personalized messages.

Today, I am putting here a few of them for all of you to enjoy. Some of these can be applied for your dear ones too. So you can also use them if you find them cute…

Anniversary wish for you Daughter/ Sister/Sister in law/ Bua / aur Maasi :

This one was for my sister-in-law’s anniversary. Sister in law is usually you first friend at your in law’s home. And if it is so, then she deserved to be treated specially…

Once upon a time,

 there lived a fairy

Came straight from the heaven,

Fair and lovely…..

Far Far Away,

there lived a prince

Handsome Humble

Fairy had been waiting for him long since….

Riding the white horse,

He came and took our heart away

But promised us to stay,

 besides her all the way….

May your lovely jodi,  

be happy healthy wealthy always

And fragrance of love remains

All the days….

I was working as HR in an animation studio. As a pert of my job, I needed to give a greeting card to everyone on his/her birthday. So along with my job, I clubbed my passion and created these instant 10 min rhymes for each one. Let us have fun:

Here are the Birthday Messages I wrote for my colleagues.

1. Reference:  My Boss who was the Owner of the studio. He has mania of “Systamatic-Ness”. A heighted pschyco who always runs behind all of us to make every sec worth. A nice person and teacher though. I have learned a lot in a very short time period. Enjoying working with him. 

After every punctuation there comes a space,
Formula e, instructions make it easy to chase,

Reaching to the desks sharp at nine,
And keeping them Clean and make them shine;

Lesser corrections will save all the time,
everything then will be like a rhyme,

We thought, this can be the best Gift ever,
To add to your Birthday a different flavour;

May your life grow as your height,
And success comes to you beyond last point of your sight.

2.  Reference : People find  my colleague X, Rude in the first meeting. And they leave with the same opinion in the last meeting. A Tamilian Who doesn’t understand Hindi, hates sweets. A very Straight Forward person But honest, Hardworking and talented.  He Gave me Big smile and laughed when I read this in the office for him.

No sweets, No cake,

Just give me a little break,
get some idali or some dosa;

Anyway… leave it… I will go with samosa,

Hey! I’m not demanding,

In fact, very understanding,

whatever you will get for me,

I will take it with a smile free…:)

may your life be always spicy and tasty,

with all the sweetness of pastry……:)

3. Reference: This guy is unbelievably simple and sweet. Very innocent with huge potential. A great Artist (texturing) I must say. He was painting a face of the character which has come from a bomb -blast. And Blood and wounds all over. He made that ugly face so lively that I almost cried while watching it. But he had a big smile of achieving it.

To the guy sweet and simple,

Blushes with a little dimple;

Plays with colour and make scary Faces,

Very neat and Clean Messes;

Pure heart and a Creative mind,

Loved by all kinds;

May you get all the happiness, Good health wealth and success……..

There are many more to put here. But taking a leave for now. Will come back with a few more stuff, to cheer all of you… up…..

Sucheta Asrani..

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