My wedding album success story

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how I made my wedding album :

What happens if the wedding photographer tells you that he has lost his hard-disk and your wedding photographs are ruined forever???

“ Come on !!! Aisa hota hai kya??”  (You are thinking right ?)

 Yes it happened with me.

As every girl I was super excited for my wedding. After all we were tying a knot after 6 years of courtship and a big struggle of convincing  parents for an inter-caste marriage.

When the date was fixed, I wanted to get involved in everything that was going on. I wanted to make all my wishes true regarding the D- Day. From Catering to reception hall, I was myself involved in each decision along with my parents. 

And Of course my parents weren’t offended as after all they have raised an independent girl. Generally we choose the wedding photographer with somebody’s reference after looking at his sample work. I did the  same. This photographer has made an excellent album for my friend’s wedding.

D- Day arrived. By God’s Grace everything went smoothly. I was on the top of the world with my boyfriend besides me now forever…..The new life began.

 After the honeymoon, and a few days at ‘Sasuraal’, we came back to Indore ( My parents’ place and where the wedding happened ) , to go back to Mumbai  (Where we were working and living for past 4 years).

We went to the Photographer to enquire about our album and video.  He was extremely busy as it was wedding season, so we asked him to give at least some pictures, so that we could post them on Facebook as early as possible.  (I was dying to do so.) After insisting too much,the photographer finally gave us the compressed photograph of size  6” * 4”  with very low resolution, as he was afraid that  we could cancel his contract and  make our album from someone else. (that’s the reason they don’t give you the original photographs before final payment). 

After that we kept waiting. On each of my trips to home town,both of the families were asking me about the album.  (My baarat came from Bhopal. So we had hired a single Photographer, who was supposed to make two separate albums for the bride and the groom’s family) .  And the photographer was avoiding me for some strange reasons. I got irritated.

After six months he told me that he has lost his hardisk with the original photographs of three weddings including the wedding of us. Thankfully He had  video Tapes, Which he  then delivered immediately, without even asking for money. Hmm ! Of course !!!

I was shattered. And as all Indian parents do, Families were bullying me for this mess up. My mother was like, the photographer I had suggested was more reliable. And Mother -in -law…. Hahaha Come on , you know, “Tum logo ne kaisa unprofessional photographer kiya tha”

I was furious. Both the mothers of course didn’t care a damn about the loss and were happy for the opportunity that they had just picked up to bully me for the rest of my life. 

Only My husband and Brother could understand what I was going through. They stood by me but they also had no clue about what to do next.

But “Mai to fir mai hun”. If I give up then How could I be having wonderful stories to show off… uhmmm uhmm. 🙂

We waited . I was following up constantly with the photographer. After giving in all his  forces and using all of his contacts,  And testing our patience  for one year; He finally gave up saying,” Sorry mam I cannot provide it .”

I got devastated. And at the very moment, I decided to take up this challenge. When family doesn’t understand you, Friends enter the scene and rescue you.

I belong to the animations and vfx Industry and have a lot of friends in the Filmmaking industry . Within two days all my friends knew about the wedding album story. 

VFX friends told me about how I can increase the resolution up to the maximum limit.  I tried and The pictures came out good. I collected all the pictures taken from  personal mobiles and cameras by the guests at the wedding. Also I have taken out JEPG images from the Video tapes, As the video was available in highest resolution. 

I found online some karizma Album templates. A guy from Hydrabaad, had designed them and was selling them. Those day were not advanced as today. I didnot had Paytm or any Instant Payment services.  Now the challenge was He wanted the money upfront, and I wanted the Templates before the payments. 

Now how to do the deed? Luckily My old roommate  is living in hyderabad. I asked her  for the favour. I transferred the money.And asked the template guy to give the cds to her and receive the payment. Then she purchased them for me and sent them back to Mumbai…

Aaahhaaa Now I have fantastic templates with some great pictures. One of my friends Who works as a cinematographer in films, was on break between his projects. I asked him to take up this task. And he agreed.

We sat together and he created a fantastic album out of the available pictures. We tricked  a lot. Actually we had portrait pictures of the bride and the groom which could have been enlarged. And with us all the family friends and baarat pictures were also good. Only the pictures of reception, where everyone was standing besides us, were impossible to adjust.

Bingo we were sorted. We kept maximum Pictures of Us (the bride adn the Groom). Then many pictures of the family in the middle sizes. And the reception pictures as collages. Also this way we have saved a lot of pages of print …:)

Finally. I went to a printing studio and got my album printed .  I was so overwhelmed and still after nine years I keep looking at it proudly.

And here I  have a superb story to tell my grandchildren which I kappe practicing. “ Hey you know !! My wedding Album templates were from Hyderabad, and my album was designed by a cinematographer.”  Look how it sounds. Like a princess wedding isn’t it 😉

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