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English Learning Activities :

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learning English nowadays is just not a language but a skill, to survive in the corporate  world.  Being a small town girl, I faced a hard time coping up with the language when I started my career. However I met very kind people to help me during mg progress. Today I am going to share some tips, which helped to improve my language 

For improving English and make learning English fun, follow the following exercises:

1. Reading:

Reading is the first input task for language  improvement.  Reading act,  increases our vocabulary and we can explored the different ways of sentence formation.So, read a reputed news paper daily. Read and complete a book, whenever  you get time. Circle the difficult words  and find and write their meanings, somewhere you can regularly watch. Then  memorize and practice those words intentionally in regular intervals.

2. Listening:

 Listen to the English content from  any platform like,  films, OTT, youtube channel or anything. Listening the language  will teach you how to say the sentences. It can polish you accent and pronunciations.  Not just listen but practice the dialogues regularly.  

3. Whatever question in any regards, now onwards don’t ask in person to someone but, find out all your questions on Google and read the answers carefully. Each one of them. This will tell you how to say the same thing in different ways.

4. Speak in front of mirror. To yourself. This will improve you confidence to the maximum level. This exercise is been  suggested by generations and still works. 

5. Write down  your routine conversations like calls, or interview introduction  etc. in the form of script. Means as you say them. In simple language. And then practice them by doing mock calls or performing  self in the front of mirror or phone. Record your conversations. Find out your  mistakes. Practice and repeat until  you get fluent. 

6. Make use of learning apps on your phone. Today hundreds of apps are available. Just keep playing with those and yow will enjoy the process.

7. Make a group of people who are on the same stage as you. And then together arrange the  practice  sessions like giving presentations or debate or somethings.

8. Try fun activities  like translating Hindi songs into English. And English songs into Hindi. You can invent many such fun exercises your self.

9. Make full use of online  tools, such as Translators, Grammar checkers, speech practices etc.

10. Make a personal diary and write it daily. 

I am sure these  activities will accelerate your improvements in English. Keep practicing  and enjoy the difference.

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