15 killer Facebook Status

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15 Facebook Status you must read

Today, Facebook Status is a routine task of our daily lives. And everyone uses that space according to their own choice. Some put up motivational quotes, some depict their state of mind, some used to bring anger, and some uses to put pictures on the display. I use it for everything. Today i am sharing with you some of the killer statuses which will blow your mind.

Living Life on our own terms is more Adventurous than climbing high mountains , roaming in space , wandering on another planet , or anything else … All set to enjoy life’s true adventures …..

People who are insensitive  towards your emotions  … throw them out of your life… and i mean literally kick them hard…. set yourself free…

Years in MUMBAI. Lot of Achievements, Failures, Hard -Good times, Joy, Sorrows, Tears , Laugh, Fights, Helps, Taunts ,appreciations, Friends, Interviews, Jobs, Bosses, Best buses, Locals Autos, Vadapaos, Chay’s, Losses, Incomes, Owners, Rommies, Walks, Weight loss/ gain, Hostel, PG, Flat, Seashores, Gardens, Parties, Hunger, Malls, Celeb’s…Whatever! Wherever! However! The Constant thing is: Smile on face & Sweat on body. 

(When alone at home before lock down): Home -Alone……… Waiting for the thieves………. (When alone at home during lock down ). “all under the roof locked”  …. waiting for the baai

Whether you are away from home and free but alone….. Or you are stuck in the home, together but stuck !!! Friends bring the  bliss in the hot air….. (When family bonding is not a result of the lockdown)

Sometimes, few things çannot be let go easily… as letting them go,make you look like a fool to others… which you arent.. and that is the the exact time when I hit hard , straight on the face of the person and then let it go…. shutting the doors permanently for those…. now after half an hour i will be back into the wonderful  life i have …. and  im sure they will laugh and ignore it… But  i will be free forever…… And yes ofcourse its only  their loss to loose a geuine person from thier lives…

Discovery of the Day : Short cuts to targets decrease size of achievement !!! Find the straight path to the target , Taste the achievement Feel real Magic !!!!

Beshkeemati cheezen aur rishte kho jane ka ilajam muze dene walon,Maine tumhe muze khote hue dekha hai……Aur tumase hue baki nukasano ki bhi feharist apani yadon ke kono me sambhal ke rakhi hai…….

From the sweet little son, to a lovely Father, “Dear dad, since when I started hearing, from inside my mother, I heard you saying all the good things to my mother for me and her. Your arms were  my favorite place when I arrived on the earth. My pain vanished when I heard you fighting with the Doctor for not giving me injection properly. I  saw you eagerly waiting for me to say papa. I saw you working harder and harder to give me a safe and easy life. I saw your joy when I took my first step and embraced you. I enjoyed my birthday which  you made special for me.  Momma always complains about her back pain due to holding me in our long drives. BUT you never complained even once even when I dance on the bike while you drive. Thanks papa for the  amazing start of my life. Love you. A Very Happy Father’s Day!”

Just Analyze don’t Criticize !! We have no right to get angry on elders as they  r elders , on youngsters as they are younger n frnds as they r frnds !!!! Rigidity is a sign of aging , flexibility is a sign of youth …. try to be young forever…….. don’t be Rigid  be Flexible……..

(If you are Geet from Jab we met , a chatterbox) I can keep the secrets forever with me, provided I know them or the secrets at first place……   GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

(One more for the chatterbox Girls ) Mai chup ho jaaun ye kabhi ho nahi skata … aur muzase jyada koyi bole ye mao hone nahi dungi

I know its’ so simple and so true…and unfortunately, I don’t  know any other way to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ .

I do what I want to do, not what I am supposed to do. And that is my problem.

Years/ Months back a knot we tied,
I was the groom and She was the bride,
Today I am a husband and she is my wife,
Still find a girlfriend in her smile,
And I try to be her best friend through out the life !!!

Urdu Shayari
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